How can I download the aplication?

LOGO You just have to go to the Google Store and look for Fundefir´s BKapp So far it is not available for Apple

How do I invite friends to be part of my group?

If you want to invite your friends to be part of the group you just have to download the Bkapp, register under "new user" and from there, you will be able to invite anyone just placeing their name and cell phone number. The person you invited will received a text message to download the aplication and register as part of your group. When that person goes to register, the App will recognize that has been invited by you and send the person to be automatically registered in the group you created. Remind your guest after dowlodaing the aplication NOT TO OPEN A NEW GROUP, just register with yours

What is the interest rate that the loans pay?

In Colombia the nominal value of the interest rate is 2.5% pero month, but we must remember that a good part of that money paid in interests, returns to te memebers as earning from the shares. Therefore, the interest rate in real terms is much lower

How is the profit generated?

The profit is the result of a number of variables that we have designed after years of expiriences in order to give the group the greatest security and profitability.

These variables combine risk, the amount and way interest are paid and the accounting reserves made.

What is must important to know is that not a single penny leaves the group. The money is not put aside in other accounts or hands. This is only separated in the accounting but it all always remains in the HANDS OF THE GROUP

What is the maximum term given by the group to pay the credits?

At the biginning the maximum term is three (3) months, but as the group advances and get more capital, the App automatically calculate the value of the maximum value and term of the loan

When can I withdraw my profit?

The shares earn money every month, but to help the group obtain more capital, the systems ask memebres to keep the profit circulating as credits among the groups, until one year later. In this way there will be more credits and more profits. For example, if some one buys a share in january, every months the earning will be calculated, but the money can not be withdraw until next january. If a share is bought in march profit can be withdraw in march next year. It´s important to understand that the money never leave the group. It will be circulating as credits for the group memebers.

How do I know my profit?

The profit of each share can be checked in the App at any time.

Do I have to buy shares every months?

Our system is not like NATILLERAS or CADENAS or TANDAS whrere grups memebres must put a fixed amount each months. In our groups members can buy shares whenever they want or can. Of course the more shares you have the more profit you'll get.

Is this a Pyramid (Ponzi Scheme)?

The pyramids have caused many people to lose a lot of money. We must fight agains this fraud. The pyramids work because new people should become memeber by bringing new money to pay the high interests offered to old memebers. But there will always come a time when new memebres will not be enough to cever the offer made to old members. The scheme breaks and inevitable many people lose money. In the case of our groups, in compliance with the Colombian legislation, groups can not be larger than 19 people. To have more information about this type of scan please visit the page of Colombian "super financiera" https://www.superfinanciera.gov.co/jsp/index.jsf

Can I withdraw from the group whenever I want?

Any memeber can withdraw from the group whenever they wishs. Just inform the group he or she wants to leave and get their money from both shares and profits. When the money is available it can be given to the memeber. The money will most likely be available at next meeting of the group.

Rememeber you can not get your money back unless you pay any debt with the group. Once you have paid principal and interest, you can withdraw all the rest of your money

Are the BK-groups monitored by the Colombian financial authorities?

NO, the BK-groups are NOT MONITORED by the Colombian Financial Authorities. But it does not mean they are ilegal. Bk-Groups are closed and can only have up to 19 memebres, as it's determines by the colombian law. They do not collect money from third parties or from the general public, therefore do not need to be monitoredby the SIFC. These Groups has a long tradition as an financial educational model used in more than 20 countries for many yeras. We calle them BANKOMUNALES, however in colombia the SIFC itself asked us not to use that name because the name BANCO or BANKO can olly be used by supervised financial institutions

What do you mean by shares?

Shares are the way groups memebers invest their money in the group to form the credit found. Shares are of a fix amonut. For example in colombia they cost 10.000 pesos. Unlike the traditional CADENAS or NATILLERAS, in our system there is not fix amount to be invested monthly, but members can buy as many shares they wish to and when they wish to. In this way, if you do not want to invest in one particular month, you don't have to. Of course one must remenber that the more shares you have the more profit you get.